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Elm as a Functional Programming Tool

As you might have already noticed, functional programming has become a trend in the IT field. What are the reasons for this? First of all, the amount of data is growing significantly every single day. Besides, the programmers strive to process interactive information and reduce the required amount of code. And Elm is the language that has become a functional programming tool used by many IT specialists. Being promising and attractive, numerous students choose it. If you are among them and require assistance with programming in Elm, get Elm programming assignment help from our specialists who know everything about functional programming.

A Couple of Words About Its Appearance

Elm was not meant to be a language that would revolutionize the world and the web. It was invented by student Evan Czaplicki for his thesis. He wanted to show how much easier web development could be with functional programming.

  • In a year, he joined Prezi and began to develop the language fully.
  • In 2016, Czaplicki moved to NoRedInk and launched the project called Elm Software Foundation. Everyone who was interested could participate in the development of the language.

Among the benefits of the Elm language, it is necessary to list the following:

  • Compilation to JavaScript. It is a versatile tool for private implementations in JavaScript and even other programming languages.
  • No runtime errors. All of them are eliminated at the stage of compilation. This theory has been confirmed by more than 80 thousand code lines executed by NoRedInk and a complete absence of Runtime errors in two years.
  • Effective performance. The official site provides a comparison of software implementations made in various frameworks. In terms of performance, Elm is leading even though insignificantly.

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